Mireille Desroches, a passionate artist above all...


Mireille Desroches, artiste peintre professionnelle
Mireille Desroches, artiste peintre professionnelle

Mireille was born on February 26, 1965, in Montreal, within a large family. She has three children. Attracted to human contact, in 1989 she worked as a night nurse assistant while continuing her studies in nursing during the day. After obtaining her diploma in 1993, she practiced her profession in various services, including the emergency department of the University Hospital of Verdun near Montreal.

Mireille has always dreamed of Switzerland and in February 1995, her dream came true when she was hired by the CHUV in Lausanne. During this time, she rekindled her passion for painting and also taught private classes to a few children of her colleagues.

In 1998, she left the CHUV and continued her journey to the beautiful region of La Côte. She practiced her profession at the hospital in Rolle, specifically in the Pulmonology department.

However, her first great passion remains painting. She picked up her first brush at the age of nine, taking lessons from several accomplished artists one after the other, and later, as part of evening courses at the University of Montreal. Over time, she acquired technical mastery that allows her to express her sensitivity and artistic maturity. She is curious about different materials and enjoys exploring new artistic horizons to feel their effect. In her works, she mixes various elements such as oil, acrylic, plaster, gels, sand, fabric, paper, pencils, pigments, markers, resin, and many more.

Her second great passion is teaching her knowledge to children and adults. In 2002, she created her painting school in her garden, but due to increasing demand, she opened "Le P'tit Peintre" school in a location in Gland in 2004. She then taught over 45 students per week, including the children of race car driver Michael Schumacher.

"Le P'tit Peintre" school grew rapidly and in 2006, Mireille chose larger premises. The school became a prosperous enterprise, with its own workshop, a shop, and an exhibition gallery. The number of students continued to increase, both among children and adults.

In 2009, she found an even larger location. With her 90 students, the classes were now full!

Alongside her work as an artist, Mireille saw her recognition grow in the interior decoration world, particularly through collaborations with companies such as VersionM in Geneva, where she created several works, including two for Japan. Private clients commissioned her various personalized canvases. She has created no less than 29 paintings for the Schumacher family.

In 2014, Mr. Jean-Luc Godart visited her, offering her the opportunity to shoot some scenes for a major film.

In March 2015, Mireille created the event "Carré en Œuvres," an exhibition bringing together no less than 80 artists, with the aim of promoting them and raising funds for the Théodora Association. The event was a success, so she repeated the experience in November 2015.

In early January 2016, Mireille realized that her business had become too big for her alone. Therefore, in February of the same year, she put her business up for sale. A month later, a potential buyer came forward and Mireille signed the sales contract, which would take effect on August 1, 2016.

However, this did not stop her. She continued teaching her 90 students at Le P'tit Peintre, which she had created with passion, but this time as an independent teacher. Administrative tasks were no longer her responsibility until Wednesday, November 23, 2016, when the new owner informed her that her services as a teacher were no longer needed.

But Mireille is a fighter. In the span of a weekend, and after visiting four locations, she fell in love with a new place. On Tuesday, December 6, 2016, she signed the lease, and the next day she was already painting the walls of her new school. In just a few weeks, she created a family-sized art school in Bursins, a charming little village surrounded by vineyards, from where she can admire the Alps and Mont Blanc from her windows, offering an exceptional panorama that touches her artist's heart.

On January 9, 2017, "Aux Ateliers de Mireille" school opened its doors to its first students. The joy was tangible! What a happiness to teach!

At the beginning of 2018, the BOZART boutique was born, including an online shop.

To learn more about her school, boutique, and this artist, you can visit her websites.